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You're working way too hard and the results are not showing. It's ok, we are about to change that.

Your social media content is your marketing strategy and if you have no content or your content isn't aligned, you aren't making money!

Creating intentional , strategic content will lead to more sales, engagement, and ideal clients.

Imagine getting in front of thousands of people on your social media platforms to help you grow your business.

Here's what you'll get with this audit...

This is your first step in increasing your visibility in the social selling space.

This is the first step in reaching your target audience the way you always imagined and more.
alright, tell me more
Video breaking down:
  • your bio
  • your content (including 3-5 reels)
  • What's working & what's not

A social media strategy to help you reach your goals
say no more, get the social media audit now!
  • You're tired of trying every growth hack in the books and constantly running into a road-block.

  • You have absolutely no clue who you're posting for, who you're talking to, let alone how to sell to these people.

  • You can't ​convert customers no matter how hard you try, and you're fed up pitching to people who don't want to buy from you.

  • Are you even showing up on your socials? We know all about the fear of posting. Worrying about the perfect picture, caption, when to post and all the other things that stop us from showing up.

Does this sound like you?

Low reach, low engagement, slow growth and unsure of WHY?

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Bio Optimization for your platform

social media strategy

Video w/ social media breakdown

One Payment

1 time payment of $150

FREE hooks mini course when you book the audit!

About Us

Meet your new business besties,

Mel + Jas

After working together for the last three years, we decided to unleash our collaborative power for all entrepreneurs in every field.

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs step into their power and purpose while creating a brand that will up-level & scale their business on social media.

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